Highest Quality Microsoft Training from Microsoft Learning Partners
Quality is the most important asset in IT Training – as far as your IT staff on training means no productivity during their educational time. Ensure your staff and yourself get the highest output from the time spent in classrooms. Ensure you train with one of the Microsoft Learning Partners listed below, who fulfill the quality criteria important for a real good training session.
Major assets of high quality Training in IT:
  • Microsoft Official Course (MOC) trained by
  • Microsoft Certified Trainer
  • On the required hardware levels for each course
  • Including the training experience from Trainer and Learning Partner
List of Microsoft Learning Partners following these major assets:
Microsoft Official Course (MOC)
The Microsoft Offcial Courses are on average highest rated in the IT industry based on surveys from the IT Professionals and Software Developers. Expect the highest outcome and the best learning experience from the MOC material.
Microsoft Certified Trainer
MOC is always trained from a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) – as far as the MCT adds the value of the best and fastest way to convey the contents to the individuals taking the course. MCTs have to prove special didactical and presenter skills besides their technical skills to receive this certification, are measured on the quality they deliver their courses with and have to re-certify once a year in the MCT program.
Hardware Levels
To ensure smooth lab and course experience every MOC course defines hardware requirements. Learning Partners commit to have the best suited hardware in place to run the course you book in a smooth way.
Learning Partners
Learning Partners are IT training institutions receiving the credential of “Silver” or “Gold” Learning in our Partner Program based on their high quality and experience they deliver training for IT Professionals and Developers.

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